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by Jerry Quebe
Jerry Quebe When he's not out with a camera, Jerry is most likely to be found in his shop, making frames for Liz's paintings and products for a family enterprise, GoingGray.

Liz's sister Martha, their mother, and now Jerry's mom are all avid rug hookers.  In 2004, Martha established GoingGray, which provides original patterns and several elegant wood products to rug hookers.

Jerry's newest woodworking pieces are cutting and serving boards, which are available through VIVA Gallery in Viroqua, Wisconsin.  Each board is unique, a product of the type of wood and the pattern of the grain.

Here are the current products we offer.
Cutting/Serving boards can be purchased through VIVA Gallery.
Rug hooking items can be purchased through GoingGray.

Jerry Quebe: Serving Board  Jerry Quebe: Cutting/ServingBoard 
Jerry Quebe: Cutting/Serving Board  Cutting/Serving Boards

Jerry's cutting and serving boards are made of local woods, including ash, curly oak, curly maple, birdseye maple, black locust, walnut and cherry.  Using the end grain and/or face grains with unique patterning, he configures the woods  to make designs that are unusual, interesting and beautiful.

Eschewing the usual finishing treaments for cutting boards, he has chosen a mixture of tung oil and citrus spirits.  The choice is labor-intensive--a full six weeks of drying and rubbing--but it yields a hard-wearing, food-safe surface.

The cutting boards can be cleaned with soap and water, wiped, and are best left to dry in a vertical position to prevent warping.

Jerry Quebe: Cutting/Serving Board  Jerry Quebe: Cutting/Serving Board 
GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame Rug Hooking Frame

A highly-adjustable frame with recessed gripper strips and a ventilated bottom.  The lightweight frame has no corner posts, allowing freedom of movement.  The frame collapses for storage or transport.

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Rug Frame Floor Stand

The rug frame rotates on top of the floor stand, which is highly adjustable both vertically and horizontally.  The ergonomic base slides under most chairs. Made of beautiful cherry.

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GoingGray Rug Frame Floor Stand GoingGray Rug Frame Floor Stand
GoingGray Cutter Caddy GoingGray Cutter Caddy Cutter Caddy

Closed, it's a great was to transport your hooking tools.  Open, it's a beautiful chairside table.  Cherry wood with dovetailing.

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Rug Hangers

These rug hangers feature a non-compression design, have no visible fasteners, and require no modification of the rug.  They are available in most natural woods, selected stains, and in old-fashioned milk paint colors.

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GoingGray Rug Hanger